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Feb 16, 2021

Being ok with 80%

It's totally normal not to reach 100% of your goals every time - and you should make a point of celebrating the successes you did have.

Aug 21, 2020

How to Prioritise Your Goals

Most people have more than one goal or dream that they want to achieve at any one time. They may be at different levels of difficulty or (personal) importance, and may even have

Jul 31, 2020

Focus on execution - not on the result.

If you want to achieve or do something, the secret is just to start doing it. Of course, some level of planning will help too, but don't get too bogged down in the details too early.

Jul 30, 2020

Turning ‘Failure’ into Insight

Thomas Edison famously made 1,000 attempts at inventing the light bulb before he succeeded. When a journalist asked him how did it felt to fail 1,000 times, he replied that he

Jun 30, 2020

How To Set Goals - A complete guide

I’ve now made this single all-encompassing guide, which includes all the steps you need for setting goals and succeeding with them. I’ll also include links to resources (some of my own, some from others) that you can use in your own goal setting.