April 17, 2023

A Goal Planning Worksheet (for 2023)

A goal planning system on a single a4 sheet to help you set and achieve your goals for the next 3/6/9/12 months.

TL;DR: Download the free version of the  goal planner here. I have also created a paid version of it here, with a nicer design.

I enjoy this time of the year; spring has arrived, it's a bit warmer, the days are a bit longer too - this year, however, is better than previous years, when Covid still affected every moment of our lives. Looking back on those times, they were harder than I thought at the time.

I always try and frame those times as an opportunity to focus more on internal growth - "this too shall pass", as I try and take something positive out of (and my mind away from focusing on) the never ending lockdowns.

With that in mind, I created a small worksheet to help me think out my future plans - I posted about it before but now seems a good time to re-link it. Specifically, it helps you, step-by-step, plan out the your next 3/6/9/12 months.

  • Identifying your goals - what are the goals that you want to achieve or work towards over the next number of months?
  • Reflecting on those goals - Perhaps you're already working towards your goals (e.g. I want to stop smoking, currently I smoke 5 cigarettes daily which is down from 10 daily six months ago).
  • Barriers to Success - Making a list of potential barriers to succeeding and how to overcome them - you can read more about that here.
  • What tools/resources do I need - Listing out any resources (books, information, time) you think you'll need to succeed and how to get them.
  • What habits should I form/remove - Thinking about any habits that might help with achieving your goal(s).
  • Built-in Review - Space to review your progress at regular intervals.
  • Break down your goals into steps - Planning a path from where you are now to a point where you achieve your goal(s).
  • Tracking random ideas related to your goal(s) that might be relevant at a later point.

This is a printable/editable a4 document - while I love computers (and have built my career using them); there’s nothing better than pen and paper for sketching out ideas and getting a basic plan together - so I've merged the two in one handy document.

Download the free version of the  goal planner here. I have also created a paid version of it here, with a nicer design.