November 2, 2022

Work Overview

An overview of the current work I do for businesses, people and organisations as well as some details on previous work.

Work Overview

Current Work

I lead product development and engineering at AcquisBI, specifically in their health division.

My role is at the intersection of technology, health and product development. You can read more about my role here.

I also own a consultancy business called Quantified. My typical client is a company with up €50 million annual revenue. My typical engagement is usually one of two things:

  • Working between management and IT to organise internal (marketing, sales, customer) data in new ways to help businesses increase revenues or reduce costs.
  • Building software to automate the above or generally improve their IT systems.

If you want to discuss this in more detail with me for your company or organisation, please get in touch.

I also have a number of  side projects that I have created over the past couple of years. You can learn more about them on the projects page.

Previous Businesses

I have spent over ten years (so far) running software companies.

Eagle Point Partners/Conjura October 2015 – May 2019

Role: Co-Founder and CTO.

Description: Founded in 2015, Eagle Point Partners (changed to “Conjura” in 2019) was a software and data consultancy and product development firm based in Dublin with offices in London and New York. As Conjura, it now focuses on customer and marketing analytics solutions. Click here for more information.

Quantified October 2010 – Present

Role: Founder.

Before it was a consultancy, Quantified built software for the Health Sector. Examples of this include:

  • Software to help Doctors upload data for research purposes in Ireland (first of it's kind here) as part of the Irish Primary Care Research Network (website no longer available).
  • A gaming application to help children going in for elective surgery reduce their levels of anxiety (the website no longer available, but here is an early paper published by the researchers).

Click here for more information.

Previous Work

As well as my own businesses, I've worked in a number of companies over my career. Here's a short summary.

Irish Health Research Board - Centre for Primary Care Research October 2011 – September 2015

Role: Post-Doctoral Researcher in ICT.

Description: The HRB Centre for Primary Care Research is an Irish Research Organisation that aims to enhance patient safety in terms of prescribing, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the care of patient’s utilising information and communication technology (ICT).

As well as developing the software for many of the research projects, my main output was publications - over 25 peer-reviewed articles, presentations and papers.

Click here for more information.

Irish Primary Care Research Network - Dublin, Ireland October 2014 – September 2015

Role:  IT Manager.

  • Worked with the main clinical software partners in Ireland to develop the first (and still the only) anonymous national clinical data set uploaded from general practice for research purposes in Ireland.
  • Worked directly with clinicians and researchers to identify their needs and developed a system to connect the (at the time) incompatible software products used by the Irish GPs to the IPCRN. 95% coverage of all GP practices in Ireland.
  • Took over the IT management of the IPCRN in 2014, inc. product development and liaising with the both partners and clients (GPs/researchers).

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