October 14, 2020

Submitting a HTML Form to Google Sheets

Following on from some of the previous posts that I've written, I have built a tool that allows you to embed a form on any site and sends the data from that form securely to a Google Sheet of your choice as well as notify you. You can to purchase access to the code here.

Here's how it works - I've created the following form - the fields and look are completely customisable - and I'll help you get these setup, if you need that.

Once you're form is set up, the magic of Zapier comes into play. It will take the data sent in the form and automatically send it to the Google Sheet of your choice.

It also sends a mail to the email of your choice as well - which you can configure any way you like.

If you're interested in getting this set up for your website, you can get in touch or subscribe directly below.