July 20, 2020

Weekly Links - July 20 2020

Links, articles and books that I've read recently:


'Mask Slackers' and 'Deadly' Spit: The 1918 Flu Campaigns to Shame People Into Following New Rules - Some people just don't want to wear masks - but this isn't actually a new phenomenon -  the same thing happened over 100 years ago during the 'Spanish' Flu pandemic of 1918, where they were called 'mask slackers'.


The Secret Race - Written by Tyler Hamilton, a pro-cyclist who was on Lance Armstrong's team during many of his Tour de France victories, before heading off on his own and winning Olympic Gold - until he failed a drugs test. A fascinating exposé and insight into professional cycling and the lengths some will go to for victory.

A woman of no importance - Still reading this, but it's so good, I'll recommend it again! The story of Virginia Hall, the American spy who changed the course of World War II, establishing spy networks throughout France and helping the French Resistance while hiding from the Nazis.