July 13, 2020


Links, articles and books that I've read recently:


Football’s back: And it’ll all be worth the wait for Leeds United… It's been 16 years since my favourite football team, Leeds United, were in the top league in English football - and that's finally about to change. It's all relative, but it's not been a pleasant time to be a Leeds fan. Even now, on the cusp of success, I can barely watch the games - we've fallen at the final hurdle too many times before. This article details those trials and tribualations of the last 16 years.

Wirecard and the missing €1.9 billion - A story that gets weirder and weirder. The main story linked is about classified documents a Wirecard exec (shouldn't have) had in his possession but there is a great video explainer on the whole story at the bottom of the page.


A woman of no importance - The story of Virginia Hall, the American spy who changed the course of World War II, establishing spy networks throughout France and helping the French Resistance while hiding from the Nazis.