August 5, 2020

Weekly links - August 5 2020

Links, articles and books that I've read recently - a little later than usual due to the bank holiday here.


We need to talk about ventilation: A really interesting article on how COVID-19 is spreading in various environments, the differences between the number of outdoor and indoor transmissions, and how we can mitigate the spread of the virus indoors.


The wirecutter 50 under $50: A curated list of small, inexpensive items that will bring you much more value than they cost, whether it's an umbrella, alarm clock or slippers.


Jack Reacher by Lee Child: I've linked to just one of Lee Child's books but they're all (25 books) excellent. I listened to them instead of reading, and now Jeff Harding's voice is the voice of Jack Reacher for me. Some of you may have seen the films but as always, the books are better.