June 30, 2020

Research Overview

Before starting my own business, I was a scientific researcher at the intersection of Health and IT.

After my undergraduate in Computer Science, I completed a PhD in Health Informatics from 2007 - 2011 through the Centre for Health Informatics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

My research topic examined social isolation in care settings such as nursing homes, and whether technology could help reduces levels of lonliness and social isolation among residents of these care settings.

My PhD was funded through a scholarship co-funded by Intel and the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology.

I published a few papers on my PhD and won best Young Researcher at the AAL forum in Odense in 2010.

Following that, I spent 4 years as a IT Research Fellow in the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research. I designed and developed the software for a number of projects including examining prescribing patterns in General Practice, documenting unintentional discontinuation of medication following hospital discharge and developing the data transfer software for the Irish Primary Care Research Network (IPCRN). In 2016, I also took over the IT managment of the IPCRN.

The main output from my work at this time was papers, though I also supervised a Masters and PhD student as well. You can click on the research tab above where I'll have a post for each of the papers I worked on, or you can go to my Google Scholar Profile for details on citations and related papers.