A (non-exhaustive) list of projects I've worked on, outside of work.

Project Description When More Info
Remote Good Morning A daily email for you. with the news and weather for your remote team, wherever they live 2022 More Info
Marketing Analytics - A Quick Start Guide How to start analysing your marketing data (and where to get it from). 2020 More Info
Election Website A friend ran for parliament - I made his campaign website. 2020 More Info
Pub Quiz Creator A Web App to Make and Run Pub Quizzes. 2020 More Info
Habits and Goals I wrote a number of articles about habits, goal setting and planning. 2019-Present More Info
Goal Setting Diary A Physical Diary for Planning Your Goals 2019 More Info
Goal Setting Worksheet A Printable Worksheet for Planning Your Goals 2019 More Info
Quantified Self Dublin I set up the Quantified Self Dublin Group. 2013 More Info