May 18, 2023

Going off Track and Accepting it.

I’ve been a little sidetracked recently and haven’t updated this blog in a little while. I have a goal of publishing weekly (or 52 times) here for 2023, and while I'm publishing more than I did in previous years, at this point I'm behind that target.

While I wasn't writing, I read this piece yesterday from Mark Manson - (he’s worth reading in general), scarily titled ‘HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR DEMONS’. It’s a great read. One of the key take-aways from the article is:

“I’ve long argued that the best thing about people is often also the worst thing about them—that’s because our extraordinarily positive traits often produce extraordinarily negative side effects.”

I relate closely to what Mark describes in the article, often distracted for days and being annoyed with myself that it happens. But as he says, to have the ambition to create and do the things that I have done and want to do, a darker or negative side comes as part of the deal. This can sometimes manifest as distraction and laziness - I have to accept and befriend that. It doesn’t mean that I agree with that part of me - it’s just that I won’t get the positive parts of my values and ambition without it.

So I’m back writing, working and planning. As Mark says, my “demons are just members of my brain-committee. Let them have their seat. And then, when necessary, out-vote them."

Then get going.