June 18, 2020

Bolivia - 5 minute Guide

I recently visited Bolivia, a country I knew absolutely nothing about and had no expectations of. Despite the cold, I loved it, especially the Death Road cycling tour and the Salar De Uyuni Tour.

Some tips for getting there around and things to see:

  • Arriving via bus? Use Bolivia Hop for getting around the north (La Paz and above) of the country. They’re not going to the south yet, but are running in Peru and Ecuador if you’re going there. They handle the border crossings as well which is great. Just go where they point you!
  • Panasur is a good (and safe, from what I’ve read) bus company for going to La Paz from Uyuni. I used Tickets Bolivia to book my tickets. It worked flawlessly.

La Paz is definitely worth staying in for a few days, but the altitude is tough! Some things to do in the biggest city of Bolivia include":

  • Higher Ground & Café Del Mundo for Coffee/Food
  • Wist’upiku for cinnamon (canela) ice cream.
  • Cycle the Death Road with Ride On Bolivia
  • Ride the cable cars for the views of the City - get up to El Alto for the best ones!
  • Wrap up in June/July, it's cold!
  • Go to San Pedro Square to listen to Crazy Dave (1pm) and get the Red Cap Tour (2pm).

Copacabana on Lake Titicaca is a great place to see the Lake up close:

  • I stayed right on the lake at the Hotel Estelar. Others stayed on the Isla Del Sol. I heard mixed reviews, so up to you.
  • Visit the (Cork-owned) Eagle and Condor Cafe for an amazing Irish breakfast!

Finally, some photos from the trip