October 10, 2020

A Workaround for Subscription Bundles in Squarespace

A Workaround for Subscription Bundles in Squarespace

Recently, a client asked me to add-in a bulk discount for subscriptions in Squarespace - for example, get 10% off if you have two subscriptions, 20% if you have three and so-on. Technically, this isn't supported at the moment by Squarespace, so I needed to develop a workaround.

My solution won't work for all scenarios, but it works quite well for what I needed. You can use the 'option' and 'variant' settings for a product to handle this situation. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Find the product you want to add discounts or pricing changes for.

Usually, this is located on Squarespace (if you're logged in) at


Step 2: Click on the product and go to the 'Pricing and Variants' Tab.

Step 3: Add a new option for the product.

For this particular client, they offer coaching classes so wanted to offer a family discount, so I created two new options (3 in total), for one child, two and three children respectively.

Now instead of a parent making a payment three times for each child, and having to calculate the discounts on the fly, they just have to make a single payment.

This solution assumes that the indivuidual wants more than one of the same subscription - in my case, that each child is on the same course - but it's also possible to use the discount code systems for any other scenarios that you may have. However, it works perfectly for what I needed to do.